Sunday, March 30, 2014

Out of the Studio!!!!

Such a fun part of being a book person is meeting people who have seen your work and love it. Such a thrill to meet people in person. We creative types tend to spend a lot of alone time in our studios so its a good thing to get out and about.

I have spent the last few months visiting, talking, signing, drawing and sharing! Love, love, love it! Below are a few photos from recent visits.

Just a few more in the next month-one very special school visit on my birthday for a lovely niece and nephew and then back to the drawing board!

Signing the latest Katie Woo at PLA 2014
A warm welcome in Kentucky!

The line was forming!

Happy owners of the latest Katie Woo autographed!

School kids filing in!

Getting a good seat!

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  1. How cool is that . . . got to love that part of your work.